ICTS Region I Fortnightly Newsletter no. 001 - 12 March 2002

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  1. MITRE Draft Report : Your Comments Please
    (see attachment : “Working Group Paper Outline”)

At the October Working Group Meeting, MITRE took an action to prepare an outline draft of a report on issues associated with augmentation of telemetry spectrum in the 3-30 GHz range. Attached is an initial draft of an outline of that paper which is being circulated to the Working Group for review and comment. Please send comments to me as soon as possible.

I understand that other members of the Working Group were planning to provide additional material for incorporation in this paper. I would appreciate it if such additional material could be provided to me, discussed with me, or circulated among the Working Group as soon as it can be done.

de/from : David Portigal 15/02/02

Contact : dportiga@mitre.org

  1. Comment to section 6.b of the Working Group Paper Outline
    (see attachment : “Working Group Paper Outline”)

The space agencies of Europe have retained the advanced modulation techniques GMSK and SOQPSK for the high rate telemetry of their spacecraft. The ECSS standard E50-05 has been finalised and is in the process on final review.

The CCSDS worldwide space agencies are going in the same direction; several of them are currently working at the development of the necessary hardware to implement GMSK and SOQPSK. There is to my knowledge no agency currently planning to implement FQPSK.

Jean-Luc Gerner (ESA) 25/02/02

ICTS Region 1 Fortnightly Newsletter no. 1 – 12 March 2002

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