ICTS Region I Fortnightly Newsletter no. 002 - 26 March 2002

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  1. ETSC & ICTS Plenary Meeting at ETC’2002 Garmisch (29-30 May)

The 2002 ETC conference will as usual host the ICTS and ETSC plenary meeting on Thursday 30 May, 10:30-16:00. For preliminary agenda see attachment “ICTS & ETSC Agenda at ETC’2002”

Contributor : Gerhard Mayer 25/02/02 gerdvitus.mayer@t-online.de

  1. ETTC’2003 General Topics

Next year’s conference to be held in Toulouse, SW France, is shaping up nicely. Your ideas regarding topic and content are welcome. For an outline of ETTC’2003 see attachment “Résumé Key Scientific Topics.

Contributor : Jean-Marie Bergès : (SEE) 19/03/02 telemetry.frequency@see.asso.fr

  1. Commentary re. MITRE Working Grp. Paper Outline (see Newsletter Pilot, no.1)

We have received the following question from Bernd Wiese in Germany regarding this document attached with our last pilot newsletter :

“On the working group paper outline section 6 a, are we missing to include Multi-h CPM in our investigation of use of advanced modulation and multiplexing techniques, which the ARTM Lab at Edwards AFB is looking at ?”

Contributor : Bernd Uwe Wiese (BWB) 13/03/02 bernd.wiese@bwb.org

  1. ITEA Instrumentation Workshop (30 April – 3 May) Palmdale CA, U.S.A.)

The ITEA Instrumentation Workshop will be held 30 Apr-3 May in Palmdale California, USA. The 2002 theme is 'Technology Innovations for Test, Evaluation, and Instrumentation'. The focus is on the planning and use of new technologies for airborne data acquisition on test vehicles. We've approached this theme on two tracks; Instrumentation Track - The Providers; Flight Test Track - The Users. For more information please see : www.itea.org

Contributor : Tim Chalfant (ICTS Vice Chair) 23/03/02 tim.chalfant@edwards.af.mil


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ICTS Region 1 Fortnightly Newsletter no. 2 – 26 March 2002

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