ICTS Region I Fortnightly Newsletter no. 003 (9 avril 2002)

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  1. ICTS ITU Region I Presentation (see Attachment : “Updated Region 1 Coord.”)

  1. Launch Vehicle Telemetering Safety Request

In pursuing the intersecting telemetry spectrum interests between Defence and the civil space community, the Australian Federal Office that is responsible for launch safety has posed a question about the spectrum necessary to support launch vehicle safety. This, by necessity, should embrace command/destruct/flight termination, as well as launch vehicle telemetry behavioural monitoring and/or telecommand/control. I’m not sure who works the link error margins to satisfy the safety requirements but some points of contact would be useful to get the ball rolling on this topic.

Note that the inquiry relates to launch vehicle support and NOT to any operational TT&C or telemetry data-links that are associated with satellites or platforms once launched in space.

Contributor : Vivian Crouch, ICTS Chair & Coordinator ICTS Region 3 - Asia/Pacific (28/03/02)


For example, Jean Isnard (SEE) jisnard-isti@club-internet.fr quotes UHF bands for launch vehicle range safety command :

“launch vehicle range safety command destruct receivers in the 449.75-450.25 MHz band (extract from RR §5.286) as well as around 421.0, 425.0, 427.0, 440.0 and 445.0 MHz in the USA and, in the French Overseas Departments in Region 2, the 433.75-434.25 MHz band (extract from RR §5.281)”.

  1. Usage of the 4.4-4.99 and 14.7145-15.1365 GHz Bands in the USA

Two articles [see 3 attachments : “Band Range 4point4 thru 4point99”, “Usage GHz Band (Table 1)” & “Usage GHz Band (Table 2)”]

Contributor : Mikel R. Ryan (ICTS Region II Coordinator) 25/10/01 ryanmr2@navair.navy.mil

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ICTS Region I Fortnightly Newsletter no. 003 (9 April 2002)

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