ICTS Region I Fortnightly Newsletter no. 004 (30 April 2002)

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  1. ICTS Annual Meeting at ETC’2002

(Attachments : “ICTS Business Agenda (Spring’02)” & “ICTS & ETSC Agenda at ETC’02

The elections for the 2002-04 term of the International Consortium of Telemetry Spectrum will be held at the

ICTS Annual Meeting, 23 October 2002 in San Diego.

Offices up for elections are the Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretary/Treasurer.

The elections Nomination Committee consists of the three Regional Coordinators. Each Regional Coordinator should come to the next meeting (29 May in Garmisch) with nominations for ICTS Officers for the term 2002-2004. The Nomination Committee will meet in Garmisch to prepare the ballot for the October election.

Each region should conduct its Regional Coordinator elections prior to the Annual Meeting (Oct). Newly elected Regional Coordinators should plan to attend the October meeting.

Please send any comments or revisions concerning the attached agenda to :

Tim Chalfant, ICTS Vice-Chair tim.chalfant@edwards.af.mil

Contributor Tim Chalfant (16/04/02)

  1. ICTS Charter and By-laws

The IFT Board approved the charter and by-laws at the October Meeting in Las Vegas last year. The approved version is available at :


The approval is reflected in the IFT minutes and in a revision to the IFT by-laws.

Contributor : Tim Chalfant, ICTS Vice-Chair tim.chalfant@edwards.af.mil (25/04/02)

  1. UK Radio Spectrum Management Report (see attachment : 2_title-42.pdf)

Steve Lyons from QinetiQ Aberporth (ex-DERA) has sent us the recent report (see pdf attachment) on UK spectrum prepared by consultants for the UK DTI / Treasury. This report, along with other UK spectrum management documentation, is available from the DTI's Radiocommunications Agency which sponsors a useful web site :


and also hold roadshows to communicate plans and seek comments etc. The RA is now part of OFCOM, a newly created government body.

Contributor : Steve Lyons, QinetiQ Aberporth (& UK Region I Coordinator) swlyons@qinetiq.com (02/05/02)

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ICTS Region I Fortnightly Newsletter no. 004 (30 April 2002)

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