ICTS Region I Fortnightly Newsletter no. 006 (4 June 2002)

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ICTS Meeting at Garmisch (ETC’02) 30 May – Brief Summary

The ICTS Spring Meeting was held on Thursday 30 May during ETC’2002 at Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany. 25 to 30 people attended the meeting.

After making a general presentation, Tim Chalfant exposed the current situation regarding available frequency bands in the US, as well as future developments anticipated with regard to the Telemetry bit rate (up to 20 Mbits for 1 aircraft), and the decrease of available band.

Region I, II and III activities were exposed by the regional coordinators (for region III, Tim Chalfant made the report for Viv Crouch, not present). The Region II coordinator presented a list of region II members ; this list was adopted by a vote. It should be noted that Brazil is now active and could be ready to join the ICTS. Some contacts have also been initiated with Chinese specialists. New requirements as regards working group activities were presented by Darrell Ernst. The Region I coordinator presented 5 Newsletters circulated to members and associates from the ICTS community.

The following points were then addressed :

“Letters to the Editor”

With regard to the “Frequency Band Sharing” article which appeared courtesy of Jean Isnard and the IEEE in the last Newsletter (#5 – dated 14 May), we have received the following comments :

§ 3.2 - The moving to the band 2.9 – 3.1 GHz is actually irrelevant.

In the low part of band 2.7 – 2.9 GHz, partition capacity with aeronautical test

telemetry frequency has already been found.

§ 3.3 - It is not quite conceivable to exclude radar from this band


Please note NL#7 will appear at the later date of 2 July pending the full report of the recent ICTS meeting at Garmisch (ETC’02) held 30 May.


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ICTS Region I Fortnightly Newsletter no. 006 (4 June 2002)

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