ICTS Region I Fortnightly Newsletter no. 007 (2 July 2002)

Next edition 20/08/02

The summary report on ICTS Garmisch at ETC’02 (see NL #6) is completed by

the following attachments :

  1. Provisional Report of Region II Meeting at Garmisch (ETC’02) 30 May 2002

(See attachment : ICTS Report2002A (1) Region II.doc)

  1. Updated List of Region II “Americas” Proposed Members

(See attachment : Proposed ICTS Members Region II (Jun’02)

  1. Updated List of Region II (“Americas”) presentations made at ETC’02 Garmisch last May (See attachments) :

You may remember that these documents were mentioned in our last Newsletter (#6) as part of our Garmisch debriefing article.

Please note NL#8 is now scheduled for 20 August


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ICTS Region I Monthly Newsletter no. 007 (2 July 2002)

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