ICTS Region I Newsletter no. 008 (20 August 2002)

Next edition 10/09/02

  1. An Alternative Spectrum Management Strategy by Pierre Fuerxer, Consultant, Nanteau-sur-Essonne, France

(See attachment : “an alternative spectrum management strategy”)

Pierre Fuerxer’s paper is linked to Jean Isnard’s paper (see Newsletter #5).

(Copyright 2002 SEE)


  1. ICTS Region I Activities Annual Report
    (for ICTS Annual Meeting, Oct. 2002 in San Diego)

(See attachments : “ ICTS Region I Report Jul’02”)

This report covers activities between the last ICTS Annual Meeting in Las Vegas last October and the ETC Garmisch meeting held in May 2002 (Newsletters 1 to 6).

Please note NL#9 is now scheduled for 10 September


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ICTS Region I Newsletter no. 008 (20 August 2002)

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