ICTS Region I Newsletter no. 10 (8 October 2002)

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  1. Preparations for ICTS at ETTC’2003 Toulouse

(See attachment : “ICTS Meeting at ETTC’03 Schedule.pdf”)

Please send any ideas you have regarding preparations for ICTS at the ETTC’2003 conference and exhibition in Toulouse to :

Jean-Claude Ghnassia - jean-claude.ghnassia@airbus.com

For the first time at ETTC, an ICTS plenary session will be held on Wednesday 11 June 2003 in the afternoon.

The SFTE European Chapter is expected to attend part or all of the ICTS meeting. It would be useful to draw up a brief summary of the planned ICTS meeting agenda for the final Scientific Committee meeting due to be held on 21 January 2003.

Kathy Beuzard-Edwards - ETTC’03 Scientific Committee Secretariat telemetry.frequency@see.asso.fr

  1. Aviation and RF Spectrum Challenge Conference, 30-31 January 2003, Alain Delrieu, DGAC (Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile), France

(See attachment : “ Annonce 3AF_v2_A.Delrieu.pdf”)

Radio-frequency spectrum is a common but limited resource, by law of physics. We develop this crucial challenge in the attached paper.

  1. Region I Organisation : ICTS Coordinator and members

(See attachment : “REGION 1 PRESENTATION v2”)

ICTS members’ actions take place on the national level. In the IUT radio region 1, we have a matrix concept procedure for promoting membership :

The European Union for ESA/ESOC, CCSDS Chair, is considered to be a country.

The industrial or institutional research uses this double point of view.

The national sub-coordinator’s role is to promote this matrix action with the aim of informing the national decision-making bodies contact points. This coordinator for a given country appears very clearly to motivate companies falling into this definition to be represented for ICTS with regard to the state national decision-making bodies. The role of EU Radio Spectrum Policy Group is actually a future view, at least after WRC 03.

  1. Radiocommunication Study Group News - (See 6 attachments)

  1. IUT United States of America IUT-R 231/8 Circular Letter ca/109 : request for information for telemetry system above 3 MHz 17 April 2002

  2. IUT Council ; Resolution 1156 agenda WRC-03 1 May 2002

  3. IUT United States of America Statement WP-8D sharing between aeronautical mobile telemetry and GSO MSS systems 6 September 2002

  4. IUT Joint Rapporteur Group 8A-9B:RLAN dynamic frequency selection 20 September 2002

  5. IUT United States of America Working Party 8B: “Radar characteristics around 35 GHz” 5 October 2002

  6. IUT Australia: Questionnaire on spectrum requirement for wide band aeronautical telemetry in bands above 3 GHz 12 October 2002

Jean Isnard, France jisnard-isti@club-internet.fr

“Letters to the Editor”

Subject : ITU R 231-8

The ANFR (Agence Nationale des Fréquences) has the French text on the ITU-R-231-8 question, ie. extension of >3GHz telemetry, and emphasises the difficulty of a global response by 2005 (WRC’06).

Pierre Conil, ANFR (Agence Nationale des Fréquences) conil@anfr.fr


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ICTS Region I Newsletter no. 10 (8 October 2002)

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