ICTS Region I Newsletter no. 11 (19 November 2002)

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  1. Strategy for the Future use of Radio Spectrum in the UK

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2.1 Management of the radio spectrum

2.2 Developments in radiocommunication

2.3 Military spectrum strategy

2.4 Aeronautical spectrum strategy

2.5 Maritime spectrum strategy needs

2.6 Spectrum management mechanisms

2.7 The authorisation of spectrum use

2.8 Research

  1. Cordis Focus no. 208, November 2002

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Inaugural meeting of the European Telecom Regulators Group

  1. Brief Report of ICTS San Diego Meeting

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Please note that this draft report (compiled for Region I working purposes) constitutes a preliminary list of subjects examined at San Diego. The final report will be expanded and completed by the ICTS executive team in the US at a later date.

  1. Technical Subjects from Newsletters 7-10 b)

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“Letters to the Editor”

With regard to the Strategy for the Future Use of the Radio Spectrum in the UK document (Attachment 1), Steve Lyons would like to highlight the following points in particular :

Page 81 – UK MOD has agreed to withdraw from the 410-430 MHz band (with qualifying comments)

Page 83 – Future strategy – UK MOD will phase out the NATO D-band (1427-1452 MHz) for new airborne telemetry projects. New installations to use 2310-2400 MHz (E) band.

Page 84 – (2310-2450 MHz) – “Long Range telemetry links are particularly well protected”. Future strategy – New airborne telemetry installations will be restricted to 2310-2400 MHz.

Steve Lyons, QinetiQ, UK swlyons@qinetiq.com



Pierre CONIL draws our attention to the following points :

It is probable that numerous “frequency” experts will therefore be unavailable for these ETTC and Aviation events due to their being retained in Geneva for the above meetings.

Pierre Conil, ANFR (Agence Nationale des Fréquences) conil@anfr.fr

And as a follow-up to the above UK Spectrum Strategy document, Jean Bergès (Region 1 Coordination), has this to add :

Following the introduction of the UK Spectrum Strategy (Attachment I), Mike Goddard is looking to broaden the scope of the strategy with the Minister of Defence, the Civil Aviation Authority and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

The European regulators’ group (Attachment 2) should be harmonised with specific national spectrum management.

Jean Bergès, SEE jmberges@voila.fr

Newsletter Schedule for 2002 : see attachment “ ICTS NL Schedule 2002”

NOTE : NL Schedule for 2003 will appear in next Newsletter (NL#12)


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ICTS Region I Newsletter no. 11 (19 November 2002)

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