ICTS Region I Newsletter no. 12 (12 December 2002)

Next edition 24/01/03

  1. ICTS Correspondence

(See attachments : A1 & A2)

Tim Chalfant, new ICTS Chairman since the San Diego meeting, has prepared two letters for circulation at the SFTE (Society for Flight Test Engineers).

He has authorised us to include these draft letters in the Region I ICTS Newsletter for information purposes. They are associated with the new ICTS brochure.

This information is being circulated in preparation for the World Radio Conference ’03 (WRC’03).

  1. New ICTS Brochure & Board

(See attachment : A3)

You will find attached the new ICTS brochure complete with the newly elected ICTS Board.

  1. REMINDER : Aviation & RF Spectrum Challenge, Toulouse 30-31 January 2003

(See attachment : A4)

Don’t forget next month’s conference in Toulouse, France. For all those who are interested, here are the details.

Newsletter Schedule for first semester of 2003 see attachment :
“ ICTS NL Schedule 2003”

LOOK OUT FOR JANUARY’s NEWSLETTER which will include a detailed year planner with ICTS-related dates and events in 2003.

We hope this will prove useful for your professional diary planning


When you think the information you are sending us is likely to be transmitted by the Newsletter to those involved in ICTS Region I activities, please automatically give us your permission to publish where possible

ICTS Region I Newsletter no. 12 (12 December 2002)

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