ICTS Region I Newsletter no. 13 (23 January 2003)

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  1. ICTS Region I’s Point for WRC’03

(See attachment : A1)

During WRC’03 (9 June – 4 July) the agenda for WRC’07 will be definitively drawn up. We would like to remind members that they must submit their contributions as soon as possible to their respective national organisation justifying point no. 2.12 on the preliminary agenda for WRC’07.

It would also be wise to propose some rewrites of this point taking into account present and future needs.

Newsletter Schedule - see attachment :
“ ICTS NL Schedule 2003”

In FEBRUARY’s NEWSLETTER we hope to include a detailed year planner with ICTS-related dates and events in 2003.


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ICTS Region I Newsletter no. 13 (23 January 2003)

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