ICTS Region I Newsletter no. 14 (11 February 2003)

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  1. ETTC’03 : European Test & Telemetry Conference, Toulouse, 10-12 June ‘03.

(See attachment A1 for detailed schedule)

This year’s event in Toulouse will exceptionally provide a meeting point for several organisations all with events linked to ETTC. These can be summarised by the abbreviation “CNS”, which encompasses :

  1. Communication (telemetry)

  2. Navigation (positioning of aircraft and satellites)

  3. Surveillance (safety)

These activities are involved in air traffic global management (ATM), which was recently the central topic of 2 specific presentations given in Toulouse at the Radio-frequency Conference, 30-31 January (Attachment A2).

Reminder : the final ETTC’03 Scientific Committee meeting will be held at the SEE in Paris on 19 February 2003 to evaluate and select the paper submissions.

  1. STIC-AERO 2003:

(See attachment A3)

Readers may be interested to know that the STIC-AERO conference (Information and Communication Science & Technology at the Heart of Aeronautical Systems) will be held at Paris-Nord Villepinte 12-14 June 2003 as a preview to the Paris-Le Bourget Air Show. A more detailed presentation of this conference can be found in attachment 3.

  1. Updated ICTS Region I Schedule

(See attachment : A4)

The Newsletter Schedule (attachment 4) now includes diary dates of ICTS-related events and activities to help enable you with your professional forward planning.


Your input will be appreciated by Newsletter readers – Please inform us of other ICTS-related events or activities not yet included in this Schedule.

4. National Meeting on Point 2.12 WRC’07 Agenda, EADS Manching, 12 March’03

Arbeitskreis Telemetrie e.V., the German Society of Telemetering, has called for a national meeting to support point 2.12 of the provisional WRC´07 agenda "to consider spectrum requirements for wideband aeronautical telemetry in the band between 3 GHz and 30 GHz". The meeting will take place on Wednesday, 12 March, 13:00-16:00, and will be hosted by EADS Military Aircraft Dept. MT 564 Rechlinerstrasse Manching.

Those interested in participating should mail their name, affiliation and number of identity card to Gerhard Koehler at : gerhard.koehler@m.eads.net.

The main topic of the meeting is to define spectrum needs for future applications and projects, where wideband aeronautical telemetry is essential. The national delegation leader to the WRC´03 has been informed about the action and has been formally asked to support point 2.12 during the coming WRC´03 discussions to remain on the final agenda for WRC´07.

“Letters to the Editor”

Following Newsletter no. 13 which highlighted preparations for the WRC’07 agenda, it is hoped that ICTS Region I members from each nation will propose a reformulation of Point 2.12 in greater agreement with the various restrictions of the future.

Jean-Marie Bergès, Region I Coordinator, SEE, France jmberges@voilà.fr

The UK’s Radiocommunications Agency (RA) has 2.5m to allocate over the next two years for research to improve radio spectrum efficiency.

The programme will include research to support recommendations made by Professor Martin Cave in his review of radio spectrum management published in March this year.

The RA has been seeking proposals under the scheme and research work is expected to start by April 1, 2003. The research programme’s aim is to promote collaborative studies and the sharing of information between members of the radio community at the earliest possible stage.

Electronics Weekly, 4 December 2002

Radiocommunications Agency, UK www.radio.gov.uk

NB : The Radiocommunications Agency is an executive agency of the Dept. of Trade & Industry responsible for the management of the civil radio spectrum in the UK.

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