ICTS Region I Newsletter no. 18 (3 July 2003)

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  1. ICTS Meeting at ETTC’03 (11 June 2003, Toulouse, France)
  2. (See Summary Report Attachments A1e & A1f)

    The ICTS and ETSC Spring Meetings were held in Toulouse on 11 June 2003 during the ETTC’03 Conference and SFTE European Chapter Symposium.

    Enclosed is the Draft June Meeting Summary Report in English as well as a version in French (A1).

    Reminder : the next ICTS Fall Meeting will be held as part of the 39th Annual ITC Conference in

    Las Vegas on 20-23 October 2003.

    To register : www.telemetry.org/registration

  3. ETTC’03 Overview

This year, a cordial gathering of several telemetry events was held 10-12 June in Toulouse. The ICTS, ETTC’03, ETSC and SFTE (European Chapter) meetings, as well as a major international exhibition (some forty exhibitors) of equipment, were all held under the same roof.

The ICTS Board took place on 10 June before the General Session on 11 June, with both meetings being held under the chairmanship of Gerhard Mayer, replacing Tim Chalfant.

The variety of events held made for some fruitful exchanges between specialists from the same industrial sector. The ETTC’03 Committee Chair should be warmly thanked for agreeing to programme the ICTS meeting within the ETTC event.

3. ETSC Meeting at ETTC’03

(See Attachments A2, A3 & A4

In addition to a brief Report of the ETSC Session held 10 June at ETTC (A2), you will find attached an abstract by Pierre Sabouroux, Fresnel Institute, Marseille, France (A3). The new version drafted of an ETSC Charter is proposed (A4).

4. WRC’03 Geneva

The WRC’03 in Geneva will come to an end on 4 July and therefore the WRC’07 Agenda will be available very shortly at the following address :


(click on ITU-R of the Radiocommunication Sector).


"Letters to the Editor"

A SEE meeting on Ultra Wide Band systems was held in Paris on 19-20 June. The FCC allows unlicensed wide-band transmitters in the 3.1 to 10.6 GHz band with a limited power of 75 nW/MHz. Even that frequency band is out of the present telemetry band, that regulation extends the dissemination of part 15 devices (c.f. item 7).

Pierre Fuerxer, Consultant, France pierre.fuerxer@wanadoo.fr



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