ICTS Region I Newsletter no. 20 (25 November 2003)

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  1. Report of the ICTS Fall Meeting in Las Vegas, 21 October 2003

(See Attachment A1)

See A1 for a full report of this ICTS meeting.

  1. WRC’07 Agenda

Now that the subject of telemetry has been well and truly taken on board with Point 1.5 in the WRC’07 Agenda, we must not waste time in defining the contributions to be transmitted to our respective National Agencies. A suggestion for the main topics could be as follows :

  1. SG8 Meeting in Geneva

The first meeting since the WRC’2000 of the ITU-R’s SG8 in which the Point 1.5 is due to be discussed will be held on 25 November – 2 December 2003 in Geneva.

The following meeting will be held on 8-16 September 2004.

Letters to the Editor”

ITEA and the Royal Aeronautical Society are sponsoring their 5th T&E international aerospace forum to be held in London, UK on 13-15 July 2004.

The Call for papers (see www.itea.org) includes the topic of frequency encroachment (Session 1).

Given the high profile of this event in the wider T&E community, it is hoped that either the ICTS Chair or Vice-Chair, Tim Chalfant or Viv Crouch, in view of their long-standing association with ITEA, could be persuaded to present an updated “ICTS Background/Strategy” paper at this conference.

Steve Lyons, Qinetiq, U.K. swlyons@qinetiq.com


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ICTS Region I Newsletter no. 20 (25 November 2003)

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