ICTS Region I Newsletter no. 21 (22 December 2003)

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ITU SG8 Meeting in Geneva this Month

(See Attachments A1, A2 & A3)

The first SG8 session since the WRC’03 was held at the ITU headquarters in Geneva, 25 November – 2 December. Item 1.5 in particular on the WRC’07 agenda concerned the allocation of additional wavebands to aeronautical telemetry.

During the various Working Group meetings, France presented 2 contributions, R03-WP8B-C-0027 and R03-WP8B-C-0030 (see attachments) which have led to a CPM Text (see attachment 8B/Temp/12-E), co-drafted with the U.S.A., with support from the other represented nations. This draft document has been adopted in plenary session by WP8 on 28 November, after several amendments, and requires research into the definition of telemetry and aeronautical tele-command, the justification of extra needs, and the possible allocation of wavebands as well as possible sharing conditions with users already present on the wavebands that might be used for telemetry purposes in the future. This includes the 2 contributions referred to above in attachment.

During informal discussions with the US delegation, it was decided to draw up a general progress report at ETC’04, 24-27 May 2004, in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, in order to, if possible, co-ordinate the various players and the contributions being prepared, as well as prepare the next WP8B meeting in the best possible conditions, 7-16 September 2004, in Geneva.

It is clear that contributions will be required for this session at the ITU.

Consultation between all interested parties, users, constructors and administrations, should help to define the main areas for research. This will take time so it is important to take action quickly. With regard to this subject, Jean-Marie Bergès, Region I Coordinator, would like to point out that a meeting between the French representatives of all parties interested in Point 1.5 will be held in Paris on 12 January 2004.

Next ETC Conference dates for your diary :

ETC’04 at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

24-27 May 2004

Further details to follow in next month’s Newsletter…


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ICTS Region I Newsletter no. 21 (22 December 2003)

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