ICTS Region I Newsletter no. 22 (09 April 2004)

The EUROPEAN TELEMETRY CONFERENCE etc 2004 will be held as already known in form of a Congress and an Exhibition for Telemetry, Test-Instrumentation and Telecontrol in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, from May 24 to 27, 2004.

The Conference presents papers on Acquisition, Transmission, Recording and Processing of Data in Application-Areas of Telemetry, Telemetry related Procedures and Application of Devices and Systems related to Telemetry.

Along the conference the Plenary Meeting of the European Telemetry Standardization Commitee [ETSC] as well as the Meeting of the International Consortium on Telemetry Spectrum [ICTS] will take place.

Together with etc2004 the Symposium "Aircraft Integrated Monitoring Systems" AIMS2004 will be held at the same time in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

This offers the opportunity for the participants to attend to the presentations of both events as well as the common exhibition. Aircraft Integrated Monitoring Systems includes all systems and procedures which serve to the monitoring of state and performance of aircraft, avionic-systems, engines, structures and man-machine-systems, analyse system behaviour and operational state and support crew and ground-staff by suitable recommendations in the achievement of safe and economic aircraft operation.

The exhibition gives an extensive overall view of the latest developments in technology and on the great variety of hardware and software for instrumentation, installations and systems concerning Telemetry, Test Instrumentation and Remote Control. Many vendors and exhibitors will show their supply at etc2004.

Further details : www.etc2004.de


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ICTS Region I Newsletter no. 22 (9 April 2004)