ICTS Region I Newsletter no. 25 (16 December 2004)

Next edition : January ‘05


10 Nov 2004, Adelaide, South Australia

The 12th ICTS meeting was held in association with the 2004 SETE Conference in Adelaide, South Australia. The ICTS sponsored a Panel Discussion at the conference and conducted a brief strategy/business meeting.

Item 1 : Preparing for 2007 WRC- A Global Perspectiver- Tim Chalfant, USA

The Panel was led off by the ICTS Chairman (Mr. Tim Chalfant [USA]) who presented the issue of Telemetry (TM) Spectrum Encroachment and a Global approach to a solution via the World Radiocommunications Conferences.

Item 2 : Using Spectrum to Safeguard Flight- Darrell Ernst, USA

Mr. Darrell Ernst (USA) then provided a presentation of the TM Spectrum Material presented at the SG-8 Seminar (SEP in Geneva) including the "Using Spectrum to Safe Guard Flight" video used to introduce non-flight testers to the issue. Copies of the video are available by request to ICTS@telemetry.org.

Item 3 : Scientific Applications for Telemetry- Gerhard Mayer, Germany

Dr. Gerhard Mayer (Germany) followed with a presentation on the scientific need for telemetry including atmospheric sounding rockets and other applications also impacted.

Item 4 : Economic Impact of Telemetry- Carolyn Kahn, USA

Mr. Ernst also presented Ms. Carolyn Kahn's material on "Economic Impacts" since she was unable to attend.

Item 5: The View from the Aisian/Pacific Region

Mr. Viv Crouch (Australia) then ended the presentation with a pitch on the situation in ICTS Region 3 (Asia/Australia) with specifics on federal and commercial activity in Australia.

Item 6: SETE Conference

During the conference, sponsored by the local chapter of the ITEA, we were able to provide an ICTS Information Booth. We displayed some posters, passed out brochures and copies of the video, and answered questions.

Item 7: ICTS Region 3 Strategy Meeting- Viv Crouch-Australia

After the conference we had a short ICTS business meeting with ICTS Region 3 Members and Mr. Crouch, the ICTS Region 3 Coordinator. We discussed strategies to reach the other countries within the Region and 2005/06 recommendations. The recommendations to be presented to the ICTS Officers and sponsors include the following:

1. Expand attendance at regional technical conferences (IEEE, APT, ICAO) by presenting a ICTS paper or at least manning an information booth. We need a sponsor and invitation to these meetings.

2. Work with ICAO and IATA to secure an Airline Corporations mailing list and provide an INFO mailing to specific contacts at each airline.

3. Plan on conducting the 15th (NOV05-JAN06) and 18th (NOV06-JAN07) meetings in an ICTS Region 3 location either with SETE or another technical conference.

We felt the SETE panel format went well. The presentations were well received and a lively “Questions and Answers” period followed. The panel session was attended by about 35 persons.

On Thursday we met with Australian DSTO members and provided the same panel material and answered questions. We had several successful meetings with Australian industry and were able to see the Australian Government assign a POC for this item.

We were strongly advised to look into ICTS attendance and presentation at an upcoming IEEE conference, APC, and ICAO, all in Bangkok in the MAR05 time frame. Dr. Mayer will be in region at that time and may be able to support. We may need to back him up with Mr. Crouch or Mr. Ernst. We also need to request invitations to these forums. Mr. Chalfant took the actions to contact the IEEE (via Dr. Evans [USA]), APT (via Mr. George Wardle [Australia]), and ICAO (via Stan Jenkins [USA]). These organisations are good forums for reaching countries in ITU Region 3.

PDF version available here.