ICTS Region I Newsletter no. 29

(15 June 2006)


1.      Region I Activities

Letter from the President, Steve Lyons - ICTS Letter June 06

As usual, on the occasion of ETC 2006 at Garmisch (2-6 May 2006), the 3 region coordinators have written up a report of regional activities since the last ICTS annual meeting held in Las Vegas on 25 October 2005.

Garmisch ICTS Meeting

One of the strongest points in Region I recently has been to extend contacts to a number of countries not hitherto covered by the ICTS.

2.      Region II & Region III Activities

Mike Ryan (Region II Coordinator, USA) made a Region II presentation about frequency needs for flight tests for CITEL, chiefly in the USA, Brazil and Canada.


Darrell Ernst presented Caroline Kahn's paper upon the economic aspects of telemetry spectrum availability in the general session of the ETC. Caroline is presently on maternity leave and was thus unable to attend in person.

Michael Harris (representing Viv Crouch, Region III Coordinator, Australia) gave a detailed presentation on the situation in Region III where numerous contacts have been made.


SETE 2006 Plenary (V. Crouch


3.      Outreach Report by Gerhard Mayer (German Society of Telemetering & University of Salzburg, DE & AT) and Darrell Ernst (Mitre Corp., USA)

Gerhard Mayer embarked on an ICTS tour to the Far East with Darrell Ernst resulting in a number of highly useful and positive contacts in Malaysia, Singapore and key cities in India. Future missions have been scheduled to take place in China, Indonesia, Japan and South Africa.

4.      WRC Open Forum Session at the ICTS Session at Garmisch

The ICTS was particularly fortunate to have representation from the German, French and U.S. radio regulatory bodies at the WRC open forum session at the ICTS session at Garmisch. In particular, Thomas Ewers (chairman ITU-R WP8b) and Martin Weber (BNetzA) delivered a comprehensive update on the WRC status and facilitated a lively debate upon the subject.


5.      CMR 07 Geneva, 15 October - 9 November 2007

Access to frequency spectrum is part of Working Party no. 8B's mission.

Next WP8B meeting (5-13 September 2006) will focus on preparation proposals for the CPM report and the meeting (19 February - 2 March 2007) on the finalisation of CPM Report. www.itu.int/ITU-R


6.      French view on Spectrum Requirements

Alain Delrieu (DGAC/DNA, France) has presented a survey reporting on candidate bands initially taken into consideration and recent decisions have consisted in focusing on bands below 6 Ghz, at least in the medium term.


7.      CITEL Report by Ken Keane (Duane Morris, USA)



8.      ICTS "Work After WRC" (07)

Darrell Ernst (Mitre Corp., USA) has summarised ICTS work to be carried out after WRC 07 in 2 main chapters :

o        Global needs in terms of widebands

o        Requirements guided by applications


9.      Various

The Session was completed by a Round Table on UAV's and their needs, led by Mike Ryan.

Post-meeting : there are currently plans afoot to open an ICTS booth at Geneva during WRC 07 !

ETTC 2007 DATES !!

ETTC 2007 (European Test & Telemetry Conference) will be held in Toulouse, France, from 12-14 June 2007.



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