ICTS Region I Newsletter no. 30

(17 October 2006)

WRC Agenda item 1.5 Working party 8B

The last WP8B before CPM was held in Geneva September 4 to 13.This WP was the last before the CPM (Conference Preparatory Meeting), which will be held in Geneva, starting on February 2007,19th.

During this meeting, several contributions and studies ,mainly from USA ,Russian Federation and France were analysed, with finally issue of a draft 1.5 CPM text (see annex 1)

The final analysis and CPM text will be achieved during the CPM in February, which means that the countries without any contribution to day can send their contributions for analysis and incorporation before the CPM.

Please also find the provisional text from the CEPT (see annex 2).

OUTREACH MISSION TO South Africa and Australia

On September 19th ICTS was invited to participate to the Flight Test Society of South Africa inaugural symposium in Capetown. Tim Chalfant, Gerhard Mayer and JC Ghnassia made a presentation on the problem of Telemetry band augmentation.(see annex 3).

We had also the chance to visit the Overberg Test Base , where we met the instrumentation and telemetry managers and practitioners, and had a very active discussion on the telemetry band augmentation questions.

A visit to the South African Air Show gave us the opportunity to meet several high rank managers, and to ask them to push as possible a South Africa contribution to the next CPM.We offered them any help from ICTS to support them for this contribution.

We want to thank very much all responsible we met, and who take on their time to welcome us and discuss.

ETTC 2007

The next European Test and Telemetry Conference will be held in Toulouse, France, June 12-14 2007

Scope & Venue

The AAAF and SEE societies invite you to submit a contribution or exhibit at next ETTC2007 edition. This wilI be held from, 12 to 14 June 2007 at Pierre Baudis Convention Center in Toulouse, where the successful ETTC2005 took place. This new edition of ETTC2007 wiIl provide the opportunity for scientists and engineers to report and discuss the latest developments in testing methods, especially in aeronautic and space domain. With the associated exhibition, ETTC allows to examine, the scientific, instrumental and operational field of the tests.

This year, specific attention will be paid to UAV tests aspects. A special session will be organised by ICTS (the International Consortium for Telemetry Spectrum).

ETTC is jointly organised by the AAAF and SEE in conjunction with Arbeitskreis

Telemetrie EV in Germany and the International Foundation for Telemetering in the United State.

ETTC is held alternately every other year with the German conference ETC During this conference will be held the next ICTS plenary session For further information, please visit web site http://www.ettc2007.org

ITC 2006

The next ICTS session is planned during ITC conference in San Diego, oct 23-26.

(See annex 4)

See web site http://www.telemetry.org